Transfer yield >99.999%!The company’s new equipment has been used in mass production of Mini LEDs

Rohinni, the U.S. developer of MINI LED placement technology, announced Monday that a new Composite Bondhead has been used in mass production of MINI LED products at a cost competitive price, helping to increase the mass production capacity of the display backlight technology.
The new welding head combines Rohinni’s reliable high-speed system (14 times faster than competing products) with a design that allows multiple transfer heads to run simultaneously, doubling the speed and accuracy of the new transfer head compared to existing systems, according to the company.
Rohinni says this new approach will help further improve the design capabilities of the display industry.Currently, the company’s equipment has been used in mass production of MINI LED products, targeting the display backlight manufacturing market for flat panel, laptop and TV applications.
The new composite transfer head can achieve more than 99.999% placement yield and can transfer more than 100 chips per second (i.e., 100+ times per second).Notably, in January this year, Rohinni first announced a breakthrough in the transfer speed of its Mini LEDs. Compared to the first generation transfer technology, the new welding head technology doubled the transfer speed of the Mini LEDs and reduced the cost by half.
Rohinni said the technology, which can be combined with a multi-head system, offers a significant speed advantage over existing Pick & Place technology and is a cost-effective solution for mass production of consumer electronics displays.
In addition, Rohinni revealed that his joint venture with BOE, Boe Pixey, is entering the phase of mass production of Mini LED displays.It can be seen that Rohinni and its joint venture companies have made substantial progress in the Mini LED field this year.
As Rohinni’s partner in mass transfer technology, BOE has made further progress in MINI LED technology this year.
In terms of backlight, MINI COB products have been mass-produced and sold. The technical development and client demonstration of MINI COG products such as 65 inches and 75 inches have been completed. It is expected that the glass-based backlight will be mass-produced in the first half of the year.Direct display, MINI LED glass based direct display products will also be introduced to the market within this year.

Post time: Apr-29-2021