LED lights last long and shine brightly but in these places they will live longer

Changing a light bulb is not a difficult task, but for the average person, they want a light bulb to last as long as possible.Recently, some Japanese media pointed out that the life of LED bulbs could be shortened if they are not placed in the right place.
According to Japanese media Phile Web, LED light bulbs have replaced traditional bulbs in large numbers because they are more efficient at emitting light.And LEDs, in addition to brighter light, have a long life.Of course, LED bulbs are almost the same as traditional bulbs in terms of installation, and can be installed easily by anyone.
However, although the life is long and easy to install, some improper installation is likely to damage the life of the LED bulb.Media pointed out that the structure of the LED bulb, roughly can be divided into the power part and the light part.When the light is turned on, the part of the light is not easy to generate heat, but the heat will gather in the power part.
Therefore, if the LED bulb is set in a wet place such as the bathroom, especially if it is covered by a lamp shade, it is likely to cause heat dissipation of the LED power supply, and gradually damage the bulb, thus affecting the life of the bulb.In addition, if Kan lanterns were embedded in the ceiling, it was also easy for the building to use heat-insulating materials, so the heat was not easy to escape.
The report points out that if you have to set up in these places, it will not be able to take into account the life of the LED bulbs.Therefore, instead of considering how to make LED bulbs heat, it is better to find other suitable light source installation, it will not outweigh the loss.

Post time: Apr-26-2021