Energy conservation and environmental protection + improve safety, the United States and Britain to install LED lighting

Due to the advantages of LEDs such as lower energy consumption, relatively low maintenance frequency and longer life, various parts of the world have promoted plans in recent years to convert traditional bulbs

such as high-voltage nanotubes into LEDs.

Upgraded LED lights will soon light up a turnpike in the US state of Illinois, US media reported.

Leaders of the Illinois Highway Department and Illinois power company ComEd have held discussions to provide new energy-efficient LED lights for the turnpike.

The upgraded system is designed to improve safety while reducing energy consumption and saving money.

There are several construction projects currently under way.The Illinois Highway Department projects that by 2021, 90 percent of its system lighting will be LEDs.

State Highway Department officials say they plan to install all the LED lighting by the end of 2026.

Separately, a project to upgrade streetlights in North Yorkshire, northeast England, is bringing environmental and economic benefits faster than expected, UK media reported.

So far, North Yorkshire County Council has converted more than 35,000 street lights (80 per cent of the targeted number) to LEDs.This has saved £800,000 in energy and maintenance costs this financial year alone.

The three-year project also significantly reduced its carbon footprint, saving more than 2,400 tons of carbon dioxide per year and reducing the number of street lighting defects by about half.

Post time: May-27-2021